Welcome to Chabad Center for Jewish Life Upper Passaic County.

Chabad Center for Jewish Life's unique approach and unconditional acceptance of people has created a dynamic and flourishing community. At Chabad Center for Jewish Life there is no membership. Everyone belongs!

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Our No Fee Philosophy
At Chabad Center for Jewish Life everyone is welcomed as family. Children, adults, singles, couples, young and old feel at home. It is just a great place to meet new friends. Our unique approach and unconditional acceptance of every Jew has created a dynamic and flourishing Jewish community. We are constantly expanding our programs and services to serve everyone and we invite you to join us at any time. Chabad Center for Jewish Life’s 'No Membership Philosophy' makes our programs accessible to all.

The Inspiration of Our Center
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson is considered to be the most phenomenal Jewish personality of modern times and the only Rabbi ever to receive the Congressional Gold Medal, America’s highest civil award. To hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of admirers around the world, he is simply known as “The Rebbe”.